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“I have been working with the family for two years. We have not had any problems during this working period, neither with team nor with our guests. always stands behind its promises. I am happy to be a partner of Hopefully I will continue to work with as long as Turkish tourism and yacht tourism prevail. May your successes be permanent.“

Ali Salgıncı, Boat Owner, Escape Gulet

“Speed and simplicity, which are the main characteristics of, have made our job quite easy. This, as compared to other platforms, provides us an advantage in terms of finalizing a booking. support team has also proven itself in the past.“

Ali Engin Haznedar, CEO, Sailfleet

“We are very pleased with the bookings we have received via team's positive attitude and solution-oriented approach are affecting our cooperation positively. A very useful platform that brings vacationers and boat owners together.“

Kemal Erden, Boat owner, Erden Gulet

“Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world boat rental industry in terms of yacht fleet and destinations. However, in terms of agents that bring customers and boat owners together, it has been behind Europe. Agency business was not done professionally, and boat owners needed European agents. team realized this gap with its young staff and modern perspective and soon managed to become one of the leading boat rental platforms in Turkey. We are very happy to work with team.“

Mehmet Güldemir, Base Manager, Solar Yachting

Why should I list my boat on

How do I become a Super Boat Owner ?
As a Super Boat Owner, you can top the searches and increase your chances of getting a booking up to 3 times!
To become a Super Boat Owner;

Fill in the boat and user information completely


Send the verification documents to our team


Sign the agreement


Get a minimum of 4.5 points from your bookings


Pricing and Commission offers boat owners the freedom to set their prices as they wish. No fee is added to the list prices determined by the boat owners. There is no additional charge for guests.

  • Commission Rate: 20% including VAT

  • Phone or e-mail support with real people

  • High search engine traffic for more bookings

  • Chance to be listed on loyalty platforms

  • Access to 1 million unique users annually

Discover how much you can earn

  • Your nightly rate

  • Price that guests will pay per night


  • 20% service charge


  • Amount you will earn per night


  • Your monthly earning potential


Marketing and Promotion

Many travelers start planning boat vacations with search engines

Instead of waiting for guests to come to us, we actively promote your boat on all search engines.

Those who want to rent a boat evaluate opportunities on loyalty platforms is on loyalty platforms such as Hopi. We also run campaigns for employees and customers of large banks, companies, and conglomerates.

Social media accounts and digital ads are effective on user choices

Through social media accounts and advertisements on digital channels, communicates both with people who have experienced yacht vacation before and first-time charterers.

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Motor Yacht

Do you have a different type of boat?

Do not worry, you will be able to list all boat types (jet-ski, zodiac, etc.) on soon. You can leave your contact information so that we can inform you when we are ready.

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